American Culture and the Environment (ENV 120)

A lower-level introduction to the fundamentals of American environmental thought. Class Description This introductory course in Environmental Studies explains key environmental concepts and surveys the changing relationships between people and their environments through key texts in American literature, sociology and history.┬áIt particularly emphasizes the way that social differences including race, class, and gender have changed… Continue reading American Culture and the Environment (ENV 120)

Freshman Seminar in Environmental Studies

How are we influenced by our environment, and how do our actions influence that landscape in turn? In this class, we will read classic and contemporary environmental writing (fiction and nonfiction) to see how writers and other artists use landscape as a tool in narrative storytelling. Sometimes the nonhuman landscape is a character, other times… Continue reading Freshman Seminar in Environmental Studies

Environmental Justice

Description   This class gives you an introduction to the field of environmental justice. We will begin with fundamentals of Rawlsian justice and touching on theories of situatedness and privilege. Students will develop an understanding of why environmental justice is a critical and controversial topic, as well as understanding the history of the concept and… Continue reading Environmental Justice