Each comment is from a different student. I can provide scans of teaching evaluations upon request.

  • “First GSI I’ve had in my 4 years at Cal that was like a friend – there was no hierarchy, and for that I am so grateful. It changed the way we interacted with the material. It was a privilege to be her student.”
  • “Erin was excellent, she not only taught the material well, but really sparked purpose and motivation to take action in the areas we are passionate about. She was one of the best GSIs I’ve ever had! J “
  • “Erin was absolutely fantastic. I’ll miss you Erin! Things she did well: presented material in engaging, funny manner; answered all questions promptly and well; made it fun to come to section.”
  • “She seems like a very professional teacher.”
  • “One of my favorite GSIs ever! She really created an open environment with great discussions. She had great knowledge and perspective of the subject area. She was also so open to all opinions and easy to approach.”
  • “Erin is passionate about the course material and highly knowledgable about all topics we discussed this semester. She was very approachable out of class and I enjoyed asking her about more in-depth questions.”
  • “Super awesome.”
  • “Erin is a great instructor. She is prepared and always engages with students.”
  • “Very charismatic and passionate – making it easy to attend a 9 am section! I really enjoyed the attention given during office hours and Erin’s desire to genuinely help you achieve.”
  • “Erin is super enthusiastic and is incredibly knowledgeable about the subject areas. She presents the information in an open, aware, and sensitive way that promotes critical thinking.”
  • “Erin is a very engaging instructor, she is passionate about the area of study and demonstrates it through group activities, discussions, and videos that illustrate the main concepts of the course.”
  • “Promotes critical thinking in group activities. Knowledgeable, clear, concise.”
  • “Good energy for material, made an early morning section fun and worthwhile. Provided great feedback on writing assignments.”
  • “Erin was always well prepared and very optimistic every morning.”
  • (sent via email during the subsequent semester) “I’ve been meaning to thank you for all the work you did in commenting on my papers for ESPM C167 last spring. I was reminded of this when I saw [the instructor] yesterday and am writing because I really wanted you to know how much I appreciate the energy you spent for us students. Your feedback was incredibly helpful and really pushed me to write better.”